Custom Home Theaters in Atmore

Imagine yourself sitting back in your new home theater—you close your eyes, and the sound is as crisp as you’ve always pictured it would be. When you open your eyes, you’re delighted by the visual masterpiece you’re looking at, knowing it has been designed and calibrated to your exact preferences. If you live in Atmore, Mr.Techxpert Electrical & Electronics, LLC. is the custom home theater installation authorities you can trust to make your dreams come true. We are experienced, licensed professionals who have been building long-term relationships with businesses and local homeowners for a great number of years.

Our dedication to getting things right is reflected in our meticulous attention to detail, in our ability to respond to client inquiries, our quick answers to any question, and in our value-driven rates that are designed to pass the savings on to you. Take the hassle and stress out of trying to conceal wiring and configuring everything correctly on your own. We’ve got what it takes to take your project from the initial design stage to immaculate completion in very little time. Sit down with us during a free consultation to discover how we can save you time and money on any type of home theater system installation.

What’s Involved in a Basic Home Theater Setup?

Usually, your average home theater setup includes a large television, digital projection screen and projector, and five or more home audio installation speakers; strategically placed around the room. Subwoofers can be added to increase the auditory effect and give voice to the bass tones you love. The space you are working with plays a large role in how the layout will be arranged, as we will always take the natural acoustics of the room into consideration during the engineering stage.

Top Recommended Custom Home Theater Designs

We believe a custom home theater design should match your budget and needs and we take our obligation to get the layouts right for you very seriously. The safety of those in your home (and the longevity of your investment) is dependent on quality wiring that meets and exceeds the municipal electrical building code standards. Without a properly engineered layout, you run the risk of potential hazards like electrical fires, electrocutions, and personal injuries from shocks and burns.

Low-Cost TV Installation – Flexible Hours

Today, people in Atmore keep different hours to meet the daily scheduling, work, and life demands. We understand the typical 9-5 appointment slots are not always the best business hours. To make sure you have access to the most comprehensive TV installation services, we offer flexible appointment scheduling that can work into your busy schedule. We are experts at mounting, installing, repairing and maintaining visual technology of all types, including:

  • Plasma TV’s
  • High-definition TV’s
  • Flat screen and panel TV’s
  • Video projection screens

Reach out to our Atmore custom home theater installation experts today to book your free consultation.