Electrical Upgrades Insurance in Atmore

If you are buying or selling a home or commercial property in Atmore, there are many things to consider before making changes to increase the value of your investment. Mr.Techxpert Electrical & Electronics, LLC. are experts at helping you meet and exceed electrical upgrades insurance requirements and the safety requirements outlined in the National Electrical Code.

Your insurance company may still offer you coverage if you do not perform an electrical upgrade, but you may be required to pay a premium rate. Sit down with our specialists, during a free consultation, to find out more about how we can help you complete a panel upgrade that measures up to municipal and state building codes without breaking the bank. We are:

  • Licensed, insured and fully bonded
  • Electrical panel replacement specialists who work quickly to offer fast turnarounds
  • Up-to-date in all safety certifications
  • Honest and upfront during our quoting and assessment process
  • Fully equipped with advanced thermal imaging and installation tools and technology
  • On time for all scheduled appointments
  • Friendly, efficient and hardworking

Your Insurer Requires an Electrical Service Upgrade – What’s Next?

The first step is to find an electrician who puts your needs first. If your insurance company is refusing to maintain your current policy without an electrical service upgrade—we have the answers you need. We’ll make time to inspect your current infrastructure at your earliest convenience and suggest an economical way to satisfy your policy requirements. As longtime local electrical contractors, we are deeply familiar with all insurance policy attributes and what it will take to meet them. Our engineering personnel will perform meticulous calculations, taking your current and future goals into consideration before suggesting the most suitable electrical upgrade.

Installing a surge protection when replacing a service panel is an economical way to add another layer of protection while the wiring is open. This will help prevent specialty machinery and expensive equipment from damages or ‘wear and tear’.

Electrical Panel Wiring Must Support the Service Panel Upgrade

When an electrical panel is upgraded, all electrician companies are required to inspect the surrounding electrical panel wiring to make sure it can support the new load of power. We are required—by law—because insufficient wire gauges and insulations can cause cabling to overheat and combust into electrical flames.

Why Upgrade Your Main Service Panel?

If your Atmore home is 20 years old or older, you may be running your entire household on as little as 60-amps. These days, new homes are built with at least 150-200 amps. If you plan to install appliances that require more power than what you are currently using, you will need to consider upgrading your main service panel. This will allow you to meet your power demands by drawing more electricity from the utility.

Request a free consultation with Atmore authorities in electrical upgrades insurance requirements. Give us a call today!