Fuse to Breaker Upgrades in Bay Minette

Some older homes and businesses in Bay Minette still have the original power management systems in place—which can be exempt from current electrical codes—if no upgrades (or changes) have been implemented since construction. Before the invention of the modern breaker switch, your 60-amp box was the top technology responsible for the safety and longevity of electric devices—as well as for preventing electrical fires. Nowadays, a modern breaker panel has the capacity to safely process more power—which is necessary to run and maintain most new appliances and machines.

Mr.Techxpert Electrical & Electronics, LLC. specializes in streamlined fuse to breaker upgrades and troubleshoots for residences and companies of all sizes. A certified electrician from our team will meet with you for a free consultation to discuss your options and provide you with a detailed quote—at your convenience.

101 for Buying or Renovating a Home with a Fuse Box

The good news is, a working fuse box that has not been overloaded nor expected to provide more power than it has been designed for, can continue to function well; so long as you keep a supply of new fuses on hand. If you need to replace a circuit breaker fuse when the hardware shops are all closed, you’ll be out of luck.

Many homeowners consider switching to an electrical panel box for convenience, and because the breaker panel can process and protect a much larger electrical load (each large appliance is installed on its own switch). In addition to this, installing an electrical sub panel can be an affordable alternative. It is important to consider the following when planning and budgeting for electrical box upgrades:

  1. Your fuse reliant electrical breaker may be grandfathered in, and any changes to the load may mean a full replacement of the supporting wiring, a change in the location of the circuit breaker box and upgrading mains.
  2. You will need to apply for and obtain an electrical building permit before work can commence— we can help accelerate this process by making sure applications are filed properly.
  3. Your insurance company may require an upgraded circuit breaker box to continue insuring your property.
  4. When an old box is replaced, the National Electrical Code requires electrical technicians to bring the surrounding wiring up to code.

Why Does Breaker Box Wiring Need to be Updated Too?

In Bay Minette, older fuses and older wiring go hand in hand. Before modern appliances came into the picture, a 15-gauge wire system was more than enough to carry an electrical load to most outlets. Now, the demand has increased; more electricity is required to travel through aging breaker box wiring. Installing a breaker that is rated for a higher amperage (without changing out the supporting wires and casing) may keep the breaker from tripping repeatedly. Electrical fires can start from insufficiently gauged wires overheating. Our electrical repair service technicians are experts in assessing your current electrical infrastructure to provide you with cost-effective options that will help you meet your goals without crushing your budget.

Call Bay Minette’s authorities on fuse to breaker upgrades for any commercial, residential, industrial, or instructional project.