Electrical Service Changes in Bay Minette

Outfitting your Bay Minette home or business with the right electrical components means being able to rest at ease knowing your premises is safe from avoidable hazards like electrocutions, shocks, electrical fires, and burns. Overloaded panels and breakers that consistently trip mean that it is time to take a closer look at your systems power load; especially if you are planning a new addition or upgrading appliances and fixtures.

Mr.Techxpert Electrical & Electronics, LLC. is a top-rated local electrician service with years of experience customizing electrical services to meet all your electrical and budgetary needs. The following are common scenarios where full or partial service changes are necessary to prevent risk of injury, property loss, and death:

  1. Your home (or commercial building) is more than 20 years old.
  2. Your insurer requires upgraded electrical wiring to continue providing insurance coverage.
  3. You’ve purchased or are planning to install new appliances and fixtures.
  4. You need more power to run tools in your new or updated garage.
  5. Switches are larger than what the wiring can handle.
  6. You’ve just purchased your home or new commercial property.
  7. There is damage to wiring and circuit breakers.

Electrical Service Changes – Load Calculation

Older homes were not wired to be able to handle loads over 60-amps. Homes that are built today are wired to handle 200-amps or more. If you are planning to install or use electric heat, dishwashers, microwaves, stoves, hot tubs, air-conditioners, car charging stations, or any other devices which will increase the required load, it’s best to have a licensed electrician examine the health and capacity of your current power management system. An electrical service change may be required to protect your investment and equipment from damage; to prevent power surges, to provide safe and scalable power supply to ensure overall comfort.

Common Reasons for Changing an Electrical Panel

The number one reason Bay Minette homeowners should consider changing an electrical panel is to maintain complete safety and security of your investment—to fully protect the ones that you love. Here are some top signs that you will need to plan and budget for an electrical panel replacement:

  • The circuit breaker panel has aged out of its natural lifespan of approximately 25-35 years
  • You want to increase the available amperage
  • Circuits often trip
  • The panel feels warm when you touch it
  • You’ve noticed lights are dimming when you turn certain things on
  • You’re using extension cords or adding outlets to your home without increasing the amount of power that is available
  • You’re installing expensive technology that needs to be protected from surges or shortages
  • To increase the resale value of your residence, commercial, or industrial property
  • You want to be able to plug in more appliances (at once) in the kitchen

Some electrical companies try to get you with hidden fees and extra charges that show up on your final bill. When you receive a free estimate from our certified electrician, we guarantee it will be at a competitive rate and include all the necessary work and parts to complete your electrical service upgrade—in full.

For the best rates and efficient turnaround times, give our Bay Minette office a call today.