Fuse to Breaker Upgrades in Brewton

The thought of undertaking any fuse to breaker upgrade on your own is enough to stress any Brewton home or business owner. The wiring, panels, circuits, and electrical conduits in all local homes and commercial buildings are governed by a strict National Electrical Code. Without the proper training, experience and accreditations, there are several things that could set your project back or cause potential life-threatening damage. Mr.Techxpert Electrical & Electronics, LLC. is your premier resource for cost-effective electrical repair services of any kind. We are committed to putting your needs first, with friendly communication and providing you with exceptional power management solutions that keep your investment (and those inside) safe for the long term.

What to Consider Before Replacing a Fuse Box

If you’re planning a renovation or new addition, you will need to install additional outlets that demand power from your current supply. Is your fuse box and surrounding breaker box wiring prepared for this? A certified electrician from our industry leading team can help you measure the health, safety, and scalability of your current system. We’ll propose cost-effective solutions that help you maintain compliance with electrical building codes and the expectations of your insurer without putting a hole in your wallet. Before making the switch, take the following into consideration:

  1. Is the current fuse system grandfathered into your insurance and exempt from the current National Electrical Code?
  2. Would changing the power delivery system require your technician to upgrade the surrounding breaker box wiring, change the location of the circuit breaker box, or update the mains?
  3. Are you prepared for the construction fees associated with rewiring?

When to Replace a Circuit Breaker

If your Brewton investment would benefit from more power and you want to increase your overall amperage, you will need to upgrade to a new electrical panel box (or electrical sub panel) and update the mains. You may also have to consider rewiring, especially in cases where 15g wiring is used. Here is a list of the top signs your circuit breaker will need to be replaced:

  1. You have failed an electrical inspection
  2. Your insurance company requires it or will charge a premium rate if not upgraded
  3. The panel is hot to the touch
  4. One or more breaker switches are attached to wiring that is insufficient to safely carry the load
  5. You are renovating, adding newer appliance, or preparing to purchase, sell, or lease out a property
  6. There is not enough available power to run appliances at full capacity
  7. You require surge protection on your breaker panel (for sensitive and expensive equipment like computers)
  8. You’re installing a hot tub, large fish tank, or home gym or spa
  9. Lights dim when you turn things on, and you often go to your electrical breaker to flip switches
  10. Your electrical panel box is more than 25 years old or has been updated by anyone other than a certified electrical box specialist

When you need fuse to breaker upgrades in Brewton, don’t wait around for the other companies to get back to you with an estimate. Give us a call today to book a free consultation at your convenience.